Mini-Blog: The Art of Internal Health and Attraction

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Sex. Yes, that was a blatant attempt to grab your attention. But this article is about sex. Well, more so about attraction. You see, everyone wants to look good on the outside, but few people think about feeling good on the inside. And little do they know how important that is.

Have you ever noticed someone who might not have won the genetic lottery, but walked with all the confidence in the world? Odds are they are that comfortable with themselves. Or, they feel healthy internally and their body is working with them, not against them. Maybe it’s a combination of both.

How We Wear It

Besides the positive effects of increased energy, improved mental state, and generally a better quality of life, when we’re healthy and happy on the inside, we rarely notice how it appears to others.

Eyes and Smiles

Signs of increased internal health first arrive in our face. Our eyes begin to soften. Smiles begin to relax. Maybe it’s a bit of both–with some “smizing”.

Babies can be the best example of smizing since they do it so naturally. Try covering the lower half of the video to see if you can spot a smile from just the eyes.


The color on our faces can also change. Sometimes from a pale and tired look, to warm and relaxed. And this is true for the rest of the body’s skin.


Our posture begins to straighten, as we naturally hold our shoulders back when we’re in good health.

Attitude and Outlook

And finally–our attitude and outlook on life. How we act and what we believe is a direct response from the state of our physical and mental health.

Both physical health (internal and external) and mental health are crucial here. We could look great on the outside, but if we’re falling apart on the inside, it will show eventually.

Of course, our environmental “health” or experiences have a part to play as well.

But Why are These “Attractive”?

When it comes to attraction, these aspects are direct signals to how healthy we are internally.

After all, we’ve evolved to be attracted to healthy mates. Because as far as our DNA and instincts are concerned, what better way to have healthy children?

Some of these signals can be faked a bit. But to me, it sounds like a much better bargain to strive to feel good on the inside, and as a nice bonus–look good on the outside.

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